Monday, 20 January 2014

Using your Varoma Pt 4 | Tikka Salmon and Veggies

You've got to get your varoma out, people!!! Cooking in the varoma on a hot day doesn't heat up the house, and you can get a "one pot meal" on the table with less washing up. 

I've just cooked us some salmon with tikka paste, steamed baby potatoes, asparagus and carrot. So easy!

Start with some baby potatoes in your varoma basket, with 500g of water underneath. I had 1/2 kg of potatoes, I could have fit twice that in there.

Put your potatoes on Varoma temp, 15 minutes, speed 2. Put your MC on top for now.

While your potatoes are cooking, smear 2 teaspoons of home-made Tikka Paste on top of your salmon fillets. Tikka Paste recipe is also found in the Fast & Easy Indian Cooking recipe book. It goes a long way!

Leave a gap in between them for your veggies later if you are only cooking for 1-2 people. 

If you are cooking for more, fill your top tray with salmon fillets, and you can use underneath the tray of the varoma for your veggies later.

Then prep your veggies. Use any veggies you like! I had asparagus and tagliatelle carrots (shaved with a peeler) as they took the same amount of cooking time (5 minutes)

When potatoes have finished after 15 minutes, set your Varoma in place with just the salmon in. 

Set on Varoma temp, 12 minutes, speed 2. (No veggies in at this stage)

When timer goes off, add your veggies for 5 minutes (set timer again...Varoma temp, 5 minutes, speed 2)

Then enjoy your perfectly cooked salmon and tell yourself once again "how amazing is this Thermomix?"!!


  • Use any kind of paste or marinade on your salmon instead
  • Alternatively, make a sauce first, keep it warm while you make the rest of the recipe. No need to wash your bowl...just go straight onto the steaming part.
  • You could tip your potatoes back into the TM bowl and mash them instead, with a little butter and seasoning, after cooking and draining.
  • Swap potatoes for quinoa or rice (just alter cooking time
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