Saturday, 5 May 2012

Oh crumbs! | Making breadcrumbs in the Thermomix

I always said I wasn't going to be one of those Mums who cut the crusts off her kids sandwiches, and remember as a little girl my Dad always getting annoyed that we 'wasted' the end bits of the loaf of bread. 

But here I am, 3 small children later and I find myself cutting the crusts off so that they eat more of the bread and don't just bite a hole out of the centre of their sandwhich! And worse still, throwing away the crusts at the end of the loaf...every time. 

Until....I fell in love with Thermy. Now Thermy is my conscience, and doesn't let me waste ANY kind of food, including the crusts. So I save them in the freezer and when I get at least 4 pieces of crust I whiz them up into my own homemade breadcrumbs.


4 slices of bread or crusts
20g olive oil
dried or fresh herbs of your choice
salt & pepper to taste

  1. Break each slice of bread into quarters
  2. Add oil, herbs and seasoning
  3. Mix on speed 8 for 6-10 seconds (depending on the consistency you like, either fine or a bit chunky)
  4. Taste to see if you want to add any more seasoning
  5. Spoon into a snaplock bag, squeeze out all the air and store flat in your freezer ready for use
It's that simple. It takes less than a few minutes and when you have them ready made in your freezer you find lots of ways to add them to dishes for a bit of extra crunch!

Use them for chicken nuggets, schnitzels, arancini balls, on top of pasta bakes, add to soups/meatloaf/meatballs/sausage rolls, coat fish before frying, name it!

Store them in the fridge for 2 weeks, or up to 6 weeks in the freezer.

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