Monday, 7 May 2012

Freezing Fresh Herbs

Since I have had my Thermomix I have had an uncontrollable desire to start a herb garden. So last week, baby strapped to my chest and toddler in hand, I pushed a gigantuan trolley around Bunnings and picked some small herbs to get my little garden started. 

I started off with just a few...


and used a tall glossy black pot I have been using to grow weeds in the corner of my patio area for sometime been saving to use for my herb garden. 
So I planted. Three days later they were already starting to shoot up and then I realised I was going to have to harvest some of these I took my not so green thumb and hit Google. Here I learnt that you can freeze fresh herbs. Ok some of you probably knew that already, but for the rookie gardeners like myself...this is what I did.

I pinched off some of the larger leaves/stalks/sprigs and snipped the chives down about half way. 
Rinsed them under some cold water and patted dry between layers of paper towel.
Popped them into some snaplock bags, flattened them to squeeze the air out.
Clipped the snaplock bags to the front of one of my freezer door shelves with a bulldog clip to keep them hanging so they don't get damaged.

So there you go! Fresh frozen herbs always on hand. Easy!

I think when I have a decent amount of basil I will make a nice Basil & Walnut pesto...more on that later. 

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