Thursday, 9 January 2014

Snow cones in your Thermomix

Perth is getting HOT HOT HOT!! Snow cones for the kids!! Anyone wanna join me? If you don't know how already...and you have a Thermomix (and if you are here and you don' might need to get in touch with a consultant!) then read on...

{ Snow Cones }

2 trays of ice
50g syrup/coulis/topping

Add to TM bowl, speed 8 for 10 seconds, scrape down and repeat for 5-10 seconds
Add 50g of syrup/coulis/topping flavour of your choice
Speed 8 for 5-10 seconds

Scoop into cute little cups and enjoy! You can even shape it into cones if you are feeling extra fancy!

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  1. I am desperately trying to make frozen coke - I cant seem to get it right.. I know you cant whiz coke because its carbonated, and I have tried freezing it then whizzing, but no luck.
    I've also tried with soda stream syrup...but still not right..?!