Saturday, 11 August 2012

How often do you use your Thermomix?

I often get asked this question, and its not the first time I have posted about this...but today I thought back over the day and realised HOW MANY things I made and used my Thermomix for and it still amazes me.

Grated cheese
Made 1 litre of yoghurt
Weighed all my ingredients ready for my demo at lunchtime
Completed a full Thermomix demo menu:

  • sorbet
  • dip
  • bread
  • salad
  • risotto
  • custard

Chopped all my veggies for dinner, and cooked Beef Chow Mein
Weighed and cooked rice
Made 2 litres of almond milk
Made a chocolate energy drink from raw organic cacao with the almond milk
Made strawberry coulis for my yoghurt (which will be ready in the morning)

AND....I still have more energy...I may even knock out a chocolate custard when the kids go to bed!

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