Saturday, 6 July 2013

"Bachelor Baked Beans" & Eggs in your Thermomix | Using the Varoma

Baked beans, steamed eggs and spinach. SOOO good! All cooked together in 15 minutes, no stirring of course!

Another great recipe to get your varoma working for you. Recipe below...

"Bachelor Baked Beans", steamed eggs and spinach

1 clove garlic
2 spring onions or 1 small brown onion
20g olive oil
1 tin of tomatoes (or equivalent fresh tomatoes)
1 tin of beans of choice (butter, canneloni, kidney, borlotti beans etc)
1 MC of water to rinse tomato juice out of tin and incorporate into recipe
5g balsamic vinegar
baby spinach leaves
*optional: a few rashers of bacon

Chop onion and garlic (and bacon if using) speed 6 for 3 seconds
Scrape down, add oil and cook on Varoma for 3 minutes, speed 1

Prepare varoma:
Crack eggs into silicon cupcake moulds and put them in the bottom and top tray of varoma

Add tomatoes and beans to TM bowl, cook on Varoma temp, 7 minutes, reverse speed soft
When timer finishes, set varoma in place and cook eggs on Varoma temp, 7-10 minutes, reverse speed soft
(adjust cooking time here to suit how you like your eggs)
Add a few handfuls of baby spinach leaves around the eggs for the final 5 minutes
When cooking time finishes add the 5g of balsamic vinegar and mix 3 seconds, reverse speed 1

Recipe could easily be doubled with increased cooking time at the beginning to reduce down the sauce for the beans.

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