Wednesday, 26 June 2013


This week we had the launch of Thermofest 2014 to find out where we are all aiming for as our incentive destination as Thermomix consultants.

I was VERY excited to hear it is going to be in SUN CITY, SOUTH AFRICA!!

Last year I was awarded the Social Media & Recipe Community Award...such an honour and it came as a complete surprise. If you have ever been thinking about becoming a consultant, now is the time!

Here is my interview below:

What was the biggest highlight for ThermoFest ’13?
Meeting Grace, and seeing the thought and attention to detail that the ThermoFest team put in to make ThermoFest a truly rewarding experience for us all there made me all the more motivated to ensure I get there every year! We lacked for nothing and everything was planned out to give us just the right balance of leisure and learning. It gave me motivation to come back and keep my business firing so I can come again, this time with my partner.

Describe ThermoFest ’13 in three words
Amazing, Inspiring, Rewarding

What is your top tip for qualifying for ThermoFest ’13?
Don’t underestimate yourself! I didn’t think I would qualify and wasn’t planning on ‘trying’, I had only been a consultant for one full month before the qualification period began, but my GL believed in me and told me I could definitely do it even though the numbers looked scary. Thanks to her spurring me on, I pushed myself for the final two months and got over the line by 2 extra sales. All your hard work will pay off, you just have to have a plan, a goal, and keep doing the demos and believe the sales will come.

You were awarded with the Social Media & Recipe Community Excellence Award, please share how this made you feel. 
Well that came as a complete shock to me as I feel there are so many people out there doing a fantastic job in this area already, people I admire. But it was a very humbling experience and I felt like my hard work had been recognised, which was a huge thing for me being a relatively new consultant. And it meant I could tell my husband that there was a GOOD REASON I spent so much time on the computer and Facebook!

Any social media or recipe tips to share?
Social media is an extremely valuable tool to use to network and stay connected. Ensure you use it to your advantage. I find a lot of potential customers I meet at my demos will reconnect with me through my Facebook page.  Create recipes for Recipe Community and don’t be afraid to promoting them! By sharing your knowledge and delicious creations, you are helping customers on their journey and enhancing the lives of their families.

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