Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cooking a steak in your Thermomix

Think you can't cook an awesome steak in your Thermomix? Between your Thermy and your BBQ...well according to Heston you can make THE most succulent steak ever!! Sous vide steaks are on the menu!! (cooking in a 'water bath' vacuum sealing your meat)

We finally have invested in a vacuum sealer, after hearing about this concept some time back. I've been asking my demo guests about their vacuum sealers and decided its time! 

All you need to do is:

  • Marinade your steak and vacuum seal
  • Fill your TM bowl with enough water to cover your basket and vacuum sealed package of steak
  • Cook on 60C, speed 2 for 25-60 minutes depending on your personal preference for rare/medium etc
  • Remove from vacuum sealed bag and sear for a few seconds each side in a hot pan or on the bbq and DONE!!

If you are interested here is another link to the technique on Why is There Air which is where I got my inspiration.

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