Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Turkish Delight Layered Cheesecake (non bake) | Thermomix Recipes

© Nat's Thermomixen in the Kitchen (This is my personal recipe. I am happy for you to use it, print it, pin it, share it...but please give credit and link to my page. Many thanks! Hope you like it)


80 g butter 
250 g Chocolate Biscuits (I used chocolate ripple)
Layered Cheesecake topping
500 g cream cheese 
400 g tin condensed milk 
100 g chocolate buttons or choc chips 
2 tsp Gelatine powder 
50 g boiling water 
handful of turkish delight chocolate balls for decoration - optional
sliced turkish delight bar for decoration - optional
1 tsp natural pink food colouring cochineal extract
3 Fry's Turkish Delight bars cut into 1cm chunks
1 tbsp rose water essence adjust according to your taste


Snap biscuits in half and add to bowl with butter and mix for 10 seconds speed 6 or until biscuit comes together.
Press biscuit mix into a greased and lined springform cheesecake tin and allow to firm up in fridge.  No need to bake
Cheesecake topping
Mix gelatine powder with 1/2 MC of boiling water in your MC with a spoon until dissolved, then set aside and allow to cool.
Add chocolate buds to TM bowl and grate speed 9 for 5 seconds, scrape down
Melt 3 minutes speed 3 and 50C.  Set aside.  If you have a second BBL set use your second bowl to make the cheesecake mixture while you put  your bowl used for chocolate aside, and clean it later by making a hot chocolate for yourself!  Otherwise clean your chocolate bowl and move on. 
Add cream cheese, condensed milk , rosewater and colouring to bowl and mix 15 seconds speed 6.  Taste to see if you are happy with the strength of the rosewater flavour, add more if necessary and mix speed 4 for 4 seconds. 
Add cooled gelatine liquid to cheescake mixture in bowl and mix speed 4 for 4 seconds
Tip approx 2/3 of cheesecake mixture into another bowl, leaving 1/3 in your TM bowl.
Add melted chocolate to remaining mixture in your TM bowl and mix for 4 seconds on speed 4.
Pour chocolate cheesecake mixture onto cooled biscuit base
Gently press pieces of Turkish Delight into the cheesecake mixture
Pour remaining cheesecake mixture on top and smooth and flatten out the top
Decorate top of pink cheesecake mixture with slices of Turkish Delight and Turkish Delight balls, or as desired.  Allow to set in fridge before serving (1-2 hrs minimum)

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