Friday, 6 July 2012

Lemons & Thermomix

I have been dreaming of a lemon tree with an abundance of lemons ever since Maude the Thermomix came to live with us last year. 

My sister very kindly delivered two HUGE shopping bags full of lemons to me yesterday, so now I am overloaded and have been storing lemon recipes like there is no tomorrow! Have a look at the size of THIS lemon...I have never seen one so big before!!

The first one I tried was Lemon Butter or Lemon Curd from the EDC. I have to of the EASIEST recipes ever, only 8 minutes to cook and you only need 2 lemons to make a whole jar. Well worth a try, quite impressive as a gift too...particularly if you find some cute free labels to print off and stick to your jars. 

Here are some labels you can download for free:

And here are some great recipes for using lemons that I found on the Recipe Community website

(in the Varoma. From UK Thermomix website)

Would love to hear your favourites!

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