Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fish Shepherds Pie | Thermomix recipe

© Nat's Thermomixen in the Kitchen (This is my personal recipe. I am happy for you to use it, print it, pin it, share it...but please give credit and link to my page. Many thanks! Hope you like it)

200g white fish fillets (approx 2, I used basa)
200 g smoked salmon, roughly chopped 
600 g milk 
750 g desiree (pink skinned) potatoes diced into 1-2cm pieces
100 g butter 50 g plain flour 
150 g frozen peas & corn (or one or the other)a few sprigs of parsley 
1 clove garlic 
1 brown onion, halved 
3 eggs 
500 g water for steaming 

Make a foil parcel by cutting two pieces of foil the same size as your top Varoma tray.  (see photos below)
Put one piece on the top tray (folding edges up slightly) and lay your white fish fillets on top, add 1 MC of milk and season with salt and pepper.  
Place second sheet of foil on top and gently fold edges of the two pieces together to seal the parcel (you will want to be able to unseal this parcel later without tearing the foil, to retain the milk and juice).
Chop garlic, parsley and onion for 3 seconds, speed 5
Scrape down and add 500g water to TM bowl
Put lid on, add diced potatoes to bottom half of Varoma, put fish tray in place, cover with lid and cook on Varoma temp for 6 minutes, speed 2 (6 minutes is just a reminder to add the eggs in for the last 14 minutes of cooking time)
After 6 minutes, insert basket with 3 eggs, return Varoma to position and reset timer for 14 minutes, Varoma temp, speed 2
After cooking, remove Varoma and set aside (place lid underneath to catch drips)
Put eggs in cold water to cool down so you can peel them easier in a moment
Gently open foil parcel and flake the fish into bite sized pieces and set aside, retaining the milk and juices in the foil to add to the white sauce next
Pour garlic, onion and parsley from the TM bowl into strainer and retain with the flaked fish
Add retained fish juice and milk to TM bowl, along with the other 500g milk, flour and butter
Cook on 90c for 7 minutes, speed 4
While this is cooking, peel your eggs and roughly chop them
When sauce is finished add in the parsley, onion, garlic, white fish, smoked salmon, chopped egg, peas and corn and gently fold this through with the spatula, then tip pie filling into a casserole dish and wash TM bowl
Return cooked potatoes to the TM bowl, add the remaining 50g of butter and mash for 15 seconds on speed 4 (you can use the butterfly for this if you want really smooth creamy mash, but I like mine a bit more yours for longer if required)
Scrape mash mixture on top of the pie filing in your casserole dish and spread over top with a fork
Bake for approx 20 minutes, 180c in oven until top is golden

Try adding some grated cheese to the top of your pie 
Substitute smoked salmon for 1 salmon fillet and cook this with your white fish at the beginning
Add some dijon or wholegrain mustard to your white sauce


  1. I found this really difficult to follow! Definitely read it through first - twice!

  2. Agree with the previous comment - the instructions aren't very clear. Note that you need only to add 50g butter when cooking the sauce, the rest is for the mash.

  3. Jo! Que pena! Se vé que es buena receta. Pero no la entiendo.Saludos

  4. This was the most complicated TM recipe I have ever made